IndioLabs was founded by an alumnus of the prestigious Stanford-India Biodesign Program, with the goal of  identifying specific clinical needs in India and other emerging markets. Our mission is to invent new technological approaches for developing medical devices that are safe, accessible and affordable.

The company is currently developing platform technology devices for soft tissue core biopsy. The BioScoop™ biopsy system, being developed in collaboration with the Stanford-India Biodesign Program at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, represents an exciting new approach to percutaneous aspiration biopsy. It is designed to enable physicians achieve safer and definitive tissue capture using a novel needle design, advanced needle-tissue characterization, and automated control.

In an exclusive first, IndioLabs has also developed the BxSeal™ technology for controlled, concurrent delivery of hemostatic agents during the biopsy procedure. This allows for immediate hemostatic action against internal bleeding, and will provide a significant safety advantage over competitive products.The seamless integration of BioScoop™ and BxSeal™ technologies will provide consistent tissue samples with a minimal risk of internal bleeding. The device has low requirements on operator skill,  and will reduce the cost of procedure, providing affordable care to patients. We expect that  these platform technologies will greatly increase physician adoption of aspiration needle biopsy to appropriately treat and manage curable diseases.